The Eleanor Roosevelt Quad is comprised of five buildings and is located near the academic mall, at the end of Campus Drive. E. Roosevelt Quad is located in B6 on the Campus Map.

Meal Plan: All buildings in E. Roosevelt Quad require residents to have a meal plan.

Housing Policies: All E. Roosevelt buildings are Smoke-Free and Substance-Free upon request.
Stimson College has Quiet Lifestyle available.

The Quad Office is located in The Center for Global Studies & Human Development. Phone: 631-632-6800

Email: RooseveltQuadOffice@stonybrook.edu

Quad Office Service Manager
Linda Millet

College Offices (RA on Duty):
Greeley: 632-6799
Keller: 632-6796
Stimson: 632-6797
Wagner: 632-9449
Yang: 632-9242
Wagner College Wagner College

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virtual tours of Roosevelt Quad

Wagner College Residence Hall Directors:

Greeley RHD
Katey Genrich

Keller RHD
Jeffrey Dahlander

Stimson RHD
Rosa Guerrero

Wagner RHD
Julie Lekstutis

Yang RHD
Amanda Purcell

Undergraduate College Team: Global Studies

Quad Director
Kevin Conn

College Advisor
Lori Glubiak

College Advisor
Susannah Lawrence

Faculty Director (Incoming)
Andrea Fedi

Living Learning Center: International Studies, located in Stimson College.

Floor Plan (except Yang Hall): Corridor-style floor plan composed of Singles, Doubles, and Design Triples. Design Triples, like doubles or singles, have a full set of furniture for each resident. Residents still share a phone and an Ethernet jack. Yang Hall is suite style housing.
Each Roosevelt single is 10’ x 11’ (110 sq. ft.)
Each Roosevelt double is 16’ x 11’ (176 sq. ft.)

Mailroom: Mailboxes located in the main lobby of each college. All packages can be picked up at Keller Mailroom (216-4150), Located in Keller College.

Parking: Parking is located in a lot behind Stimson and Keller Colleges, along Roosevelt Drive, and between Roosevelt Quad and the West Apartments.

Dining Facilities: The nearest dining facility is the Kelly Dining Center, located in Kelly Quad. For more information, visit their website.

Computing Centers: Computing Center is located on the ground floor of The Center for Global Studies & Human Development. For more information, click here.

Fitness Centers: Located on the Ground Floor of Greeley College. For more information, click here.

Residence Hall furnishings  include:
Extra long twin bed for each resident
Dresser for each resident (except in temporary triples)
Desk for each resident with bookshelf (except in temporary triples)
Pedestal for each resident (except in temporary triples)
Chair for each resident (except in temporary triples)
Full closet for each resident (except for temporary triples)
Lighting fixture(s)
Window covering(s)