The Division of Campus Residences, and the Faculty Student Association (FSA), offer a variety of campus-based services for our residents.

These services include:

* ATMs, check cashing and money wiring services
* Campus Bookstore
* Travel Agency
* Post Office
* Hair Salon
* Recent movies shown on campus free or for a low price
* Concerts, plays and other artistic performances
* Seawolves Marketplace
* Campus Dining facilities
* Refrigerator Rental
* FSA market, unique and varied goods for low prices
* Campus Dining carts and vending machines
* Residential Coffee and Tea Café
* Kinko's Copy Shop
* University Café

In Addition to these, the Department of Residential Program offers:

* FYRE: First Year Residential Experience, helping students to adapt to and enjoy residential life in their first year at Stony Brook University. Live and interact with other first-year students.
* Welcome Wagon: Volunteers help New students unload cars and carry luggage when checking into their rooms
* Undergraduate Colleges: RHDs and other staff help first-year students to adapt to residential life while supporting them in various areas of study.