Hall Council is the representative body of the residence hall you live in. It is the legislative voice of the residents. All hall councils operate under the rules and guidelines of the Undergraduate Student Government. Hall Council meetings are the best place to express opinions and views residents have on any issues regarding their residence hall community, or the campus community. Hall Council is a great way to find out if other residents are feeling the same way you are feeling about your community, and is a good starting point to make changes in it. The weekly meetings are a great way to find out what is happening in the building, and on campus. Hall council is your link to the rest of the campus.

All hall councils have a yearly budget. The funds come from the Student Activity fees that all students pay as part of their tuition. Typically, the funds are used for supplies for the building (pool equipment, vacuum, etc.), and various programs and events. Members of hall council vote on how the money will be spent. Since it is YOUR money that is being used, it is important to have a say in how that money is distributed. The only way to vote is to physically attend the meetings.