How to Be a Good Neighbor

good neighbors

Keep Noise to a Minimum

Did you know that your neighbors have the right to alert police of a noise disturbance? A noise
disturbance is defined as sounds that may endanger the safety or health of any person, disturb a reasonable person of normal sensitivities, or endanger personal or real property.

Respect your neighbors' right to enjoy their peaceful surroundings. Here are some general rules
of thumb:

  • When hosting a party, remember that you are responsible for managing noise levels
  • Remind your guests to be considerate of your neighbors
  • Tell your neighbors of your plans and how they can contact you if they have concerns

Know the Law About Serving Alcohol

Alcohol and parties often go hand in hand. If you are serving alcohol in your residence, make sure all your guests are at least 21 years old. Social host liability applies to any adult over the age of 18 who knowingly allows consumption of alcohol by minors (any person under the age of 21) in his or her place of residence. If you do serve alcohol:

  • Encourage your guests to drink responsibly (excessive alcohol consumption increases the risk of personal injury)
  • Make sure your guests don’t drink and drive
  • Provide your guests with the phone number to a local taxi service before they come to your party

Always follow the law. If registered Stony Brook University students are arrested for any reason, the University may take additional action.

Maintain Clean Premises

be clean

If you host a party, don't block a neighbor's access or park on lawns. Make sure that the party remains on your own property and that you clean everything inside and outside your home soon after it ends.

Your landlord may handle the landscaping of your property, but keeping your residence clean is the neighborly thing to do — take pride in the appearance of the place in which you live.

At all other times, respect your neighbors by following garbage disposal guidelines to keep your neighborhood clean.

This is what you need to know:

• Cover garbage pails to keep pests away
• Do not tie lids to cans
• Put garbage into 32-gallon cans (cans should weigh no more than 50 pounds)
• Place cans in front of your house at the curb prior to 6 am on garbage collection days
• Properly bundle and bag all waste items (no loose items will be collected)
• Do not put out more than four bulk items at a time on your second collection day
• Do not put waste in cardboard cartons.

Be kind to the environment as well — remember to stay green and recycle eligible materials.



CLICK HERE for recycling information (scroll down to 'Recycling')

Be a Responsible Pet Owner

Owning a pet can be a rewarding experience, but with it comes great responsibility. Here are some tips:

  • Heed "pooper scooper" laws. As cited in the New York State Health Law, Section 1310:
    "It shall be the duty of each dog owner to remove any feces left by his/her dog on any sidewalk,
    gutter, street or other public area."
  • Be mindful of the noise your pet makes — especially outdoors
  • Keep your pet on an appropriate leash when walking around the neighborhood
  • Maintain a clean environment for your pet inside your home
  • Ensure that pets that go outside are wearing an identification tag that includes your contact information
  • Spay or neuter your cat if it goes outdoors