1. What is the Wo/Men's Center and where is it?

The Center, located in Rooms 216, 221 of the Student Union, contains a study lounge and library area and a suite of offices where counseling services are provided.

2. What goes on there?

The center offers counseling for individuals and couples, informal discussion groups, referral services, talks...

3. What is the difference between the Wo/Men's Center and the Women's Studies Department?

The Wo/Men's Center is a Student Affairs office that provides information, resources, and counseling on gender issues for the campus community. The Women's Studies Program is an academic department that sponsors, for credit, courses relating to women's issues and offers a major and minor in Women's Studies.

4. Is the Wo/Men's Center just for feminists?

No! The Center welcomes all individuals, regardless of their beliefs about gender issues. Debate of controversial topics is encouraged.

5. Do men go to the Wo/Men's Center?

Yes! Male students, administrators and faculty members are encouraged to participate in our programs. Gender equity is an issue that concerns men and women.

6. If I have a problem, can I talk to someone at the Wo/Men's Center?

Definitely! The Director and graduate interns are available to talk with students privately on a one-to-one basis.

7. How can I find out what is happening at the Wo/Men's Center?

Check out our Events link for current programming . . .groups, talks, presentations.... Watch for fliers on campus bulletin boards or stop by Room 216.

8. How can I get involved with the Wo/Men's Center?

Students are welcome to join ongoing groups. Internships are available through the Women's Studies Department each year. Stop by the Center or call 632-9666 for more information.