Worried about someone else's drinking? You are not alone.

Heavy drinkers directly affect five other people. Family, friends, roommates, teammates … even strangers can be caught in the destructive power of alcohol abuse. It may mean loss of sleep, difficulty concentrating, intense feelings of worry, stress and powerlessness. Heavy drinkers also may be abusive and violent as a result of the mood altering effect of drug alcohol.

If you have a heavy drinker in your life there is help for both you and the drinker. Friends and family members often are exhausted by their efforts to watch out for the drinker while constantly trying to convince him/her to stop drinking. The best way to help your friend who drinks too much is to not tiptoe around them but instead tell them the truth about their drinking behaviors and how it affects you. As a result of intoxication, drinkers are the last to know how their drinking looks and how it affects others.

It is important for you to take care of yourself first. Do not carry this burden alone. Come to the Center for Prevention and Outreach to talk and we will help both you and your friend.  All consultations are free and confidential for students.