The Center for Prevention & Outreach Health Education Office offers three opportunities for an Undergraduate student to be a Peer Educator:

  1. Prevention Through the Arts ("Swallow This")
  2. CHOICE Peer Health Educators / Choosing Healthy Options in the College Environment
  3. CHILL / Peer Health Educators

The CHOICE and CHILL programs are full-year, two-semester, three-credit internship. Each year approximately 15 students are trained to present educational programs on different health topics listed below. In addition, they coordinate a variety of health awareness and promotion programs such as information tables, a newsletter, condom-grams, TV and radio ads, and others.

Students are required for both programs to spend two hours per week on public awareness projects in addition to class time.

Health Topics covered:

CHOICE Peer Health Educators
Focus of study and outreach physical health and wellness directly linked to college experience. Topics of study, outreach and research linked to CHOICEs - Choosing Healthy Options In the College Environment - and include nutrition, safer sex, substance use/abuse, violence.

If interested in CHOICE please contact Kathleen (Kate) Valerio
or call (631) 632-9338

CHILL / Peer Health Educators
This program is sponsored by the CPO Health Education Office and the University Counseling Center and covers mental health topics such as Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Management and e.t.c.

If interested in Chill please contact Kate Valerio
or call (631) 632-9338.